This little gem is something that I find to be very cool and innovative. This FREE website provides standard aligned lessons to students who are 9 or up that guide them through collaborating with another child from around the globe! The website offers robust curriculum options along with two different mobile apps for easy teacher, and student use.

PenPal Schools offers four different tracks you can travel down: World Exporer, Language Exchange, World News, or Decision 2016. All of these tracks are common core standard aligned. Each track takes 6 weeks long which makes this program time demands very minimal. 

Over 70,000 students from 70 countries participate in the curriculum guided online exchanges. That makes this one, if not the biggest, digital connection resource on the web. The student app provides guided lessons to all students, which is customized to the student, and their partner. The teacher app makes grading, submitting, and reviewing assignments quick and easy.

Use this tool to build global connections into any classroom in a quick and efficient manor.