Photogrammer is a fantastic geography and history website. Yale University put together this collection of 170,000 pictures takes from between 1934-1945. These images are organized on maps, making the world interactive and engaging.

These images can be searched by state, county, photographer, categories, and even year taken. The search option provides powerful ways to get exactly what you like out of this collection. For example, I searched for the word homeless and came up with 20 images. These were from all over the nation.

This is a very real look into the past. I can image great connections to education through a website like this:
  • Find a character and write a letter to a friend, another character, or the future
  • Research the individual to find the real history of the image
  • Create a roadmap of what trends emerged from 1935-1945 and compare it to today
  • Chain images together to create a story that the photographer would tell about this project
  • Compare and contrast the different photographers
  • Research the history of an area and present it to the class as if you were there in 1940

Check out Photogrammer Today!