Post-It Plus is a wonderful app for all ages. If you use Post-Its in any way, you should be using this app! This post will outline some amazing features that you should take a peek at if you have not experienced them yet. 

Basic Functions
  • Begin by having your students use post-its during an activity.
  • Open the Post-It app
  • Click on the camera and scan the group
  • A new window will open, you have the option to change the names of the groups, move post-its from one group to another, change the layout and organization of the group, or add more post-its from another capture

  • When you are done you have a couple of share options

  • Share Board
    • This allows you to save as an image, Air Drop to students, or export as PDF
  • Export Board, I will touch on my two favorites
  • Creating a Post-it Plus board will allow you to share with your students and provide them the opportunity to organize these thoughts on their own.
  • Excel will take the groups and organize them a columns with the post-its being images below. The original capture will also be organized in their spreadsheet.
    • Teachers who use post-its for behavior tracking, informal observations or really anything should capture these post-its and export them as an excel spreadsheet. This creates a digital, ongoing record for conferences or intervention justifications