Project Loon is one of Google's newest initiatives! This amazing company is devising a way to provide internet access to everyone in the world! How will this be done? Through balloons! 

Google will use Helium filled balloons that will float in the stratosphere to project and magnify LTE connections. These LTE connections are generated and projected from radio towers making its spread much larger. This bandwidth will provide wifi access to millions who have never had the opportunity to do so. 

This project will fundamentally change our world and is just 1-2 years away from being launched. I see this as a learning opportunity. How can education get ahead of this program and be ready so we can take advantage of this shift.

Worldly Needs:
  • Durable, inexpensive Wifi receivers
  • Search engines for all users
  • Digital tools customized for their environments
  • Inexpensive mobile devices

Connections to Education:
  • Communication with others like never before
  • Global tracking
  • Carry Wifi into the field
  • In 2013, more than half of the educational buildings did not have adequate wifi connections
  • New, 21st century security standards for all students