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Quizalize is another fantastic whole classroom game for you to integrate into your room. This tool is almost brand new!!! This system is different from the others, but shares some attributes. The others I am referring to are Kahoot! and Quizizz. These three all offer different games for your students to play and all have different strengths. This post will highlight just Quizalize, but you can compare this post to Quizizz vs Kahoot!.

Quizalize is different from the other websites in the following ways:
  • It randomly places students into one of two teams. These two teams are pitted against each other so not only are they competing individually, they are as a group as well.
  • It is self paced. Quizizz also has this feature, but Quizalize allows you to go back and do the quiz again!
  • You can load multiple decks. With this tool, you create a class. Within this class, you can assign multiple quiz's for them to accomplish. Kahoot! and Quizizz only give you codes for each game individually.
  • You can sell your Quiz's. That's right, you can make money on this website. It is so new, that there is little to no content available. Start your Quiz empire today! 
  • You get a fast, readable output of who needs help, and who is successful. This happens as the quiz is being taken. You can see who needs intervention with this visual display.

Final thoughts
All three of these tools (QuizalizeKahoot! and Quizizz) are fantastic ways to assess your students knowledge and get a check in for where your classroom is at. I would recommend providing students a healthy choice of these three through the year. Buying in to one, may not give your students the best results as if you changed it up in moderation.