Quizizz is a game that many of you are probably familiar with. If you have played Kahoot!, you are familiar with Quizizz. Both of these tools are student game platforms that are useable with any device. This post will outline the differences between Quizizz and Kahoot!

The largest difference between Quizizz and Kahoot! is that Quizizz is a self paced assessment tool. This puts more responsibility on the student rather than allowing you to guide instruction. I would recommend this tool for any age students who can read independently, and have good self pacing skills. Primarily older students. 
  • Less pre-made games than Kahoot!
  • The question and options are on student devices
  • Question banks help the teacher to create quiz's quicker than Kahoot!
  • Students can answer at their own pace
  • The data set is a little more user friendly and readable than Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a whole class assessment tool. Students who are ready to move on to the next question do not have the ability to do so unless you do it as a class. For younger students, this is my recommended tool. 
  • Millions of premade games
  • Extremely customizable quiz creator
  • Shorter join URL than Quizizz (Kahoot.it vs. Join.Quizizz.com)
  • Data comes out in an excel file, or a google sheet
  • Students and Teachers are familiar with this tool