With a multitude of devices embedding themselves into education, the need for presentation help increases. I am not saying that standing in front of your classroom and lecturing is always the best answer, I am sharing these to help you use that time better! All of these tools allow you to guide them through your presentation while they interact with their device rather than squint at the board in the front. Keep your students on the same page and build some interaction into this time using the tools outlined in this post.

  • PPT, Word, PDF
  • Transfer leadership to another device
  • Pulls from Dropbox, Drive, or Box

  • Use your current Prezi presentations
  • Up to 30 users
  • No account needed to view
  • Pull from prezi.com, device downloads, or featured presentations
  • Same look and feel as website

Pear Deck
  • Drive add-on
  • Pulls from Drive
  • Import full presentations as PDF’s
  • Import PPT's
  • Add interactive content
  • Uses Google Name!