It is every teachers dream to create self grading assignments. No more red ink, no more answer keys, all you need is the ability to read a spreadsheet! This post will outline the use of Flubaroo in Google Sheets as a grading tool. If done properly, you will never need to grade an assignment again!

Google Form

  • Create a Google Form pertaining to the information you want to test
    • You will need to have the students name for one of the questions you ask
  • Click on responses at the top
  • Click on change response destination
  • Click on create a new spreadsheet and title it gradebook

  • NOTE* after you have created the gradebook, click on add a new sheet to an existing spreadsheet and choose the Gradebook

  • Continue to add your forms so you have all of your responses going to the gradebook. This creates a one stop shop for all of your students responses.
Just before you assign this Google Form:
  • Open your Gradebook
  • Click on Add-ons

  • Click on Get add-on’s and select Flubaroo

  • **Rename the sheet you are grading to “student submissions” and answer the form 2 times with sample students

  • Go back to Add-ons and select Flubaroo

  • Click on Grade Assignment

  • Walk through the steps, They are pretty self explanitory, use this video if you have trouble

  • You have three options per question

  • Identifies the student

  • Worth Points (1-5)

  • Ignore this question

  • NOTE* questions can be worth up to 5 pts

You have now created a self grading assignment. As  your students complete the work, Flubaroo will grade their answers and give you a percentage that each student has earned.