This chrome extension is a one stop shop for those educators who teach multiple classes. If you are a One Tab user, you will LOVE Session Manager!! This post will outline how this extension works, and provide you with some quick examples.

  • One Tab
    • The power of using the One Tab extensions but, with multiple banks. You can have the resources all stored for multiple classes, or times in the day, and open them with just one click. 
  • Storage
    • Better than one tab in that you will always have the banks of resources. They are essentially bookmarks that open up in a package!
  • Time Management
    • Organize your work time by storing packages based on the work you are doing. EX. Lesson Planning (research, ideas, and curriculum creator)
  • Combination
    • Use this and One Tab to organize and Deliver your tabs to the groups you are addressing. It creates a 1-2 punch!