If you love Google Hangouts, you will love Sqwiggle. This tool is a great team collaboration site that looks and feels a lot like Google Hangouts. It takes the best from Google Hangouts and takes a personal spin on them. This post will outline some of the features of Sqwiggle.


  • Sign up with Google
    • This free tool has a quick and easy, sign up with Google option. Once you sign in, you can invite your friends or share the room with them via email. Super quick and easy collaboration start-up!
  • Snapshots Instead of Full Video
    • You have the option to have video chats with your collaborators, but Sqwiggle prides themselves on using snapshots to track the team members VS having a continuous video rolling.
  • Team Updates
    • A new feature of Sqwiggle is the team updates. This is found on the bottom portion of each of the members snapshots. This can be filled with exactly what each team member is working on at that moment. 
  • Chat Timeline
    • The chat timeline is always running on the left. You can drag and drop files onto this timeline to share them with your team instantly. Unlike Google Hangouts, you always have access to this without the clutter around it.
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