Summer time is a great time for teachers. We get the time off, we can enjoy our family, and most importantly, recharge for next year. Although this time is extremely important, teachers can get the summer slide too! Do something different this summer and learn (at least a little). 

Learning Guidelines
  • Keep an open mind
  • Connect with one new person
  • Take one thing you learned and implement it in your classroom next year

Twitter Chats
  • Twitter is an ongoing, non stop train of information. There are hundreds of thousands of educators sharing, collaborating, and connecting every day. There are weekly chats available that go on year round which are available for anyone to participate. See them here Weekly Chat List.
Educational Conferences
On Demand Learning
  • EdWeb is the best, free Webinar option available for educators. They boast some of the top resources and over 500 webinars available right now. EdWeb provides you with a calendar which makes scheduling out your learning much easier.
Adopt a Global Initiative