Technology today is no longer a choice. The power of this in education is far too great for it not to fundamentally change how we teach. This post highlights a post that I saw on Facebook lately. 

When I see posts like this, I get very scared. I see these apps and ideas posted all the time and feel that the message behind them can be skewed. There are a few best practice messages that I would like to clear up, not all of which deal with technology.

First Best Practice Message
  • Schools Should Not Use Content Apps
    • Content apps are Linear. They teach one subject and often only one concept. At the most, this will provide usable content for 2 weeks. These apps are band aids, they provide the teacher the sense that they are being good technology sound teachers when in fact they are just barely substituting the classroom content for the students. These apps become a waste of space and time. Instead, do what the post says, "...bush up on skills OUTSIDE the classroom". Put them in the hands of the parent, not in your room.
Second Best Practice Message
  • App Lists
    • These app lists need to highlight creation. iPads are the best educational creation tools on this planet. If this is not the focus of the tool or the list of apps, you are missing out on some amazing learning. 
Third Best Practice Message
  • Homework Helpers Don't Actually Help
    • The apps listed above are skill and drill focused. Educations' goal should not be creating vending machine students who see a math problem and can spit out the answer. We need to create problem solvers who can collaborate, communicate, be creative, and critically think. Keep this as your focus when designing lessons or units.
Fourth Best Practice Message
  • Technology Should Be Everywhere
    • At home, students should be learning, communicating, and collaborating. At School, student should be provided differentiated, students specific content (there are tools to make this possible and easy for you to do).