Twitter for education is an irreplaceable learning and communication tool. Administrators all around the globe have been taking advantage of this for years. Twitter for Administrators is about taking advantage of today innovative connection ideas. How do you best communicate in ways that will help your staff to learn and transfer 21st century skills.

Before I share my ideas, I want to establish some norms that I believe every educator on Twitter should stand up to.
  1. Be available
  2. Be visible
  3. Be yourself
  4. Share your thoughts and ideas
Innovative Communication Ideas
  • #UshareIshare
    • Use Twitter and this hashtag as a means of communicating big ideas. Teachers will appreciate the opportunity to share their hopes and dreams while you have the opportunity to provide input on their thoughts.
  • Self Direct PD
    • Use handles such as @HuffPostEdu or @edutopia to RT innovative ideas. Ask your staff to respond. Make it look like this:

  • Model
    • Participate in Twitter chats or begin your own for your building or district. Start that communication lane with your teachers and hold their hand along the way.
  • Create Social Media Challenges
    • Start with a game such as: Tweet a selfie with @KSzajner, or Share something that is green (March)
    • Move on to: Share a link to your favorite lesson, Call out who inspires you
    • Finish with: Weekly Big Ideas (How do you support digital citizenship), Share a lesson on Twitter with your students
  • Partner Up
    • How cool would it be to have a partner school somewhere else in the world. Admin and Teachers can share:
      • Lessons
      • Units
      • Staff meetings
      • Big picture Conversations
      • Grant writing
      • Peer/Tech coaches