Twitter can easily connect with your classroom. It provides an avenue for parents, students, and other teachers to connect with you. Classrooms today are taking advantage of the many innovative ways to use this tool. This post will outline some creative ways that you can use Twitter in your classroom.

Although I highly recommend using Twitter in your classroom, I believe there are some norms you should set and abide by. They are as follows:
  • Start by creating a classroom twitter account. Personally, I recommend you have 3. One for your personal life, one for your professional development, and one for your classroom.
  • Do not follow students or parents. Make sure you are clear with this communication so that it is not taken as an insult but a norm. You don't want to see what students post on Twitter!
  • Students who tweet with an account with your name must approve it with you first. Don't get yourself in trouble by not double checking your Tweeting.
  • Do not use student last names in your Tweets and let your parents know that you will be posting student pictures.

Pictures - Post pictures onto your classroom twitter account to help get buy in from parents and students. Once you have buy-in for them to follow you, your communication line will become much stronger.

Student Work (do this through Schoology) - Use your LMS to post student work onto Twitter. Linking content back to your LMS is a win-win. Parents and students see the material on Twitter and then are routed back to your LMS. 

Tips for Students - Finding student friendly blogs is not a hard thing to do. Use these to your advantage. Tweet out testing tips, homework management strategies, or just helpful information through your classroom account. Students and parents will find this helpful.

Allowing for Communication
- Providing parents and students the option to connect with you via Twitter gives them twice the chances to ask a question. 

Tweet out Google Forms - Twitter over went an update a couple of months back that allows Google forms to embed right into twitter. You do not need to leave your Twitter feed to answer these forms anymore making the option to use them a no-brainer.

Create a quiz and share it globally - It is far too easy to get a global audience on any social network today. Use this easy to building in global thinking into your students. Have a weekly quiz that is sent out via Twitter and be sure to ask where they are from. Collect the responses and see how you rank against your global opponents.

Design and vote on a Twitter background - Fun, creative, and engaging. There are many services available today that allows you to create a custom background or profile for free. Task your students to create one, then vote on it as a class. The winner gets their background displayed for that month.

Create a class hashtag - Creating an authentic hashtag that nobody else uses helps you to sort through all of the other junk that is on Twitter. Research this beforehand by searching on Twitter for your choice hashtag. Use this to channel your information through, your students will catch on.

Create a Twitter question of the week - Use big, hard problems for this. Your students may take hold of it and create groups tasked to solve these problems. 

Have a Twitter Quiz - Just like an edchat, but with your students. Get a feel for where everyone is at regarding the use of Twitter while providing you an opportunity to teach outside of your class time.

Create Twitter Study Groups - Don't change anything you originally do about an activity accept requiring students to come up with an authentic hashtag for their group activity. Chime in occasionally to check in with the group progress.