If you follow many people on Twitter, you know how hectic your information stream can look. Thousands of innovative ideas fly by every day. Pocket is a bookmarking tool that lets you categorize the web on your interests. This post will outline how to use these two tools together to create a reading list out of your Twitter feed.

  • First make sure you are on Twitter! If you want, follow me @KSzajner 
  • Next, go to IFTTT. This is a website that allows you to create custom if this, then that statements. HUGE educational implimentation possibilities here!
  • Once your on IFTTT, Create a recipe.
    • Your recipe should be: if you favorite a Tweet, Pocket will save the link in a category.

    • IFTTT will walk you through exactly what will happen and initiate a connection with these services for you. Feel free to backtrack within IFTTT if you think there is a mistake.

  • When you are done, all you need to do to create a read later list of Tweets is to favorite them! You will no longer miss out on important information or feel like Twitter is too fast for you!