Vibby is about making videos awesome! Vibby was originally designed to make video content more engaging. It is a product that is still in BETA which means that it will only continue to improve! This program works seamlessly with YouTube to help you cut, highlight, and tag discussion questions to create and engaging, one stop shop for all your learning needs. 

Vibby is very easy to use! Once you get to Vibby, you can sign up through Google. If you already have a YouTube video in mind, you just need to link to get started, if you dont have the link, Vibby has a search option available for you.

Vibby's Video options:
  • Highlight content - This content can be the only thing that the students watch. It does not lock them into this content, but it does not provide the option until the end.
  • Ask Questions - In each highlight, you can attach a question. This allows students to comment on the content rather than sitting back and watching. 
  • Private Sharing - Keep your vibs private so that you, and your students do not have to worry about anything.
  • Gallery - There is already a gallery of great digital content on this website. Besides that, the ability to pull from YouTube makes your video selection almost endless.

Check out Vibby today!!!