iPads in education create very powerful creation tools. Students and teachers take advantage of many of these to building 21st century learning and accomplish learning standards. This post will outline a few of my favorite video creation tools on the iPad.

iMovie - This app comes free when you update to iOS8 or purchase a new iOS8 device. This great tool is extremely simple to use and very applicable to any subject. You have the option of creating your own custom movie or using a trailer to drop in videos into pre-schedued time slots to create your video.

 Choose to create a new project or import a video you created through another app

 There are several different themes to choose from 

 Choose from a couple of options to import your media into your iMovie

Publishing and uploading is extremely user friendly once you have finished your iMovie. 

YouTube Capture - This is YouTube on the go. Record your videos on the fly and have then automatically sync to your YouTube account. 

 The app will not function if you are not rotated horizontally!

 Click record or choose from the videos you already recorded in the bottom left

 Once your clip is recorded you will have prompts to walk you through

When your done, simply upload you video strait to YouTube, making this streamlined process even easier.

Puppet Pals - Some teachers may think about this as an elementary specific app but if you decide to purchase the full version, it is much more versitile. 

 The into page is very strait forward, click on Press to Start

 The paid version lets you add actors AND background from photos

 Click record and use your fingers to manipulate the characters while you talk for them. Your voice and all of the motions will be recorded to create a "puppet show" of learning.

Lego Movie Maker - This is a FREE stop motion animation app that is extremely user friendly. 

 Choose from the gallery to see already made videos or click on make a movie

 Exremely simple 3 step directions

 Creation made easy by just clicking on the screen.

Several options including grids, targets, flash, onion skin, and preview are available. Once you finish you can add media, music, change the speed, and edit your shots before you publish. DO NOT feel restrained to use just LEGO figures, step outside the norm and use anything to create something authentic to your students learning.