Watson is one of the first programs that can grow its own learning. This program is currently a medical diagnosing program. It analyzes patient dialogue, and test information and cross checks this with every medical document, testing result, and journal to come up with a diagnosis. 

Watson is not only a tool that is currently being effective, but it could someday lessen the number of doctors. It is impossible for doctors to have read every piece of information on medicine, while knowing how each and every drug interacts with each and every person against each and every disease. This much knowledge can only be known by an artificial mind. So, why would I write about medicine in an educational blog?

Watson For Education will:
  • Create systems will be designed to fit your room
  • Listen to ALL conversations
  • Assess all work done in seconds
  • Identify patterns in learning
  • Align diagnosis with interests and at an appropriate level
  • Alert the teacher when an issue arises with anything