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This is a question that runs though my head all the time. What do we actually need to know today? How important is it to memorize facts, dates, or even processes? How relevant are these things when there are easier tools and resources available? This post will outline the "life hacks" that will make you question everything you "need to know".

This app is a fantastic way to answer ANY math problem. All you need to know, is how to open the app, and point it at a math problem. The app will spit out the correct answer for any math problem you point it at!

This app is more of a cheat aid. Students can take pictures of the homework, and submit the answer to this service. They can then share their work with others via wireless connections. Say goodbye to students completing their own work.

Daily Math
Why Math Instruction is Unnecessary - John Bennett talks about what level of math is necessary for 95% of the world population. Spoiler alert, you learn it in 5th grade. Everything else after that is not used by all but 5% of the population.

This is but one of the sources available for people to go to and read books for FREE. Gutenberg has over 50,000 eBooks and that is not including audio recordings and translation books.

Apple Basics
Apple has a read page option that; yep, you guessed it, read the page to you. This feature is easily turned on and will read any page to you at any speed. Simply swipe from the top with two fingers and you are off and running.

Dictation - This is also a new Google doc feature. Turn on the mic and say what you would like to type. No matter how fast of a typer you are, you can talk faster. 

This website is one of the most revolutionary tools available today. The design was to have the best teachers delivering the best content to anyone, at any time. Today they have 16,452,737 learners, learning on 1,493 different courses!

These options are available on any website, and any social media tool.

These examples were very easy to find and are probably things that you are seen multiple times, our world is filled with them. We live in a society of convenience. Information and tools are available from anything, at any time! This is not a bad thing, it is actually a very good thing. It is forcing us to advance as a society like nothing has ever done before.

There MAY come a time when we do not need to know:
  • Math above 5th grade
  • How to spell
  • How to type
  • Foreign Languages
We will need to know:
  • How to find, validate, and synthesize information
  • How to work efficiently
  • How to leverage technology
  • How to connect globally