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Many school districts are implementing student tech teams to support and build a community of technology savviness. Our district is not outside of this norm. There are many benefits to having these students in place. This post will outline some of the benefits and reasons why you should implement them today. 

Here is a study done in 2010 reflecting the current growth and the projected growth. It projects a 22% growth in IT jobs between 2010 and 2020.

Job growth forecast

Software developers, systems software392,300519,400127,10032%Much faster than average$ 94,180
Database administrators110,800144,80034,00031%Much faster than average$ 73,490
Network & computer system admins347,300443,80096,50028%Faster than average$ 69,160
Software developers, applications520,800664,500143,70028%Faster than average$ 87,790
Computer systems analyst544,400664,800120,40022%Faster than average$ 77,740
Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects302,300367,90065,60022%Faster than average$ 75,660
Computer & information systems managers307,900363,70055,80018%About average$115,780
Computer support specialists607,100717,100110,00018%About average$ 46,260
Computer programmers363,100406,80043,70012%Average$ 71,380

This graph projects an increase in nonroutine thinking and a decrease in routine work. 

    Besides the societal pushes, there are many localized benefits
    • They can help maintain technology
      • At times, carts need updating or apps installing. These students can help with that!
    • They can keep an eye out for issues
      • They are your boots on the ground. They are far more honest than you think when you ask them what students are really doing on their devices at school
    • They spread innovation
      • Our student tech teams are charged with the task of finding innovative ways their teachers can leverage technology to learn in their classrooms. These are showcased at staff meetings.
    • They push teachers
      • No matter the teacher, they feel the heat when they have multiple techy students in their classroom. On top of that, having an innovative showcase from students helps teachers to see what their students are capable of doing! 
    • They are the future
      • No matter what you think, we all know that tech skills are necessary. These students learn, or hold the best educational technology skills out of the crew.
    How to Create Buy In
    • Offer Perks
      • Different cases, more privileges, open hours, or administration rights.
    • Scaffold Learning
      • Teach these students things that no other students know. Leverage your LMS to have a tech team course and provide them instruction above and beyond others
    • Offer Certificats and Training
      • Many large companies (Google, Samsung) offer training abilities where students can gain a certification for repair, or teaching abilities. If these students strive to go into any field that is technology related, these are irreplaceable.
    • Give them Leadership Roles
      • Allow them to teach others and become the local experts. Even our 4th grade students have taken us up on the offer of teaching a tech tool to younger students!