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Workflow is rated in the top 5 best designed apps created in 2015 and was also awarded the one of the top apps designed in 2015 by Apple! These are very prestigious awards and this powerful is certainly deserving of such honors! Workflow is $2.99 which is well worth the money. It is a drag and drop scripting app which interacts with countless other apps, widgets, and functions on your iPad. The possibilities are literally endless.

Here are some of my favorites!

Workflow Buttons
These are essentially apps. They are icons you can place on your home screen and help to make your device far more powerful that it is currently. 
  • Tweet GIF
    • This workflow allows you to go from nothing, to tweeting out a GIF with Hashtags! The workflow prompts you to take 3 pictures, it splices them together, then it asks you what you would like to put in for the tweet body. Once that is finished, it automatically places hashtags in the tweet and sends it out! It couldn't get any easier than that! 
  • Clear Lesson
    • I use this A LOT when co-teaching. Since I work with students creating photos, videos, and digital content, I use this app to clear my iPad. Once clicked, it will delete up to 15 of the latest images, and 5 of the latest videos. These numbers are variable, but I find it to be a very fast, effective way to remove the clutter.
  • Feedback Email
    • This workflow is very simple, but extremely powerful. I ask for feedback from teachers with every interaction I have with them. Once you press the button, it opens an email window that already has my signature, the body of the email, and the subject. Since this is generic, all I need to do is input the teachers name after I leave their room and they have the form.
  • TIES Tweet
    • I am posting this because the TIES conference starts today! Use this for any event you are going to. This workflow will compose a tweet for you in half the time it would take in Twitter. It prompts you only for the body of the tweet, that will automatically put in hashtags and send out the tweet. 
These are used when you are on the internet. Clicking on the share button will prompt you to run a workflow. Once you do that, you can choose from a menu of options found below.
  • Create QR Code
    • This workflow takes the URL you are on, automatically generates a QR code, then displays it on the full screen so you can share with students or staff. Combine this by air serving your device, and you have a knockout combination. 
  • Copy Link
    • I use the note app a lot in my job and this makes archiving my time online very easy. This workflow takes the URL you are currently on, then copies the URL to the clipboard, and opens the notes app so you can paste it in your session notes section. 
  • Download YouTube
    • I did not make this one but LOVE it. This app works when you have a YouTube video open in the browser only. When you press this workflow, you can download the video or the audio. I use this to embed videos in iBooks, Pages Files, Numbers Files, or Keynote Files. Without this workflow, It is impossible to do this on a device alone, and would take about 10 minutes. 
  • Get Images from Page
    • This is a cool option if your students are working on creating digital content. It copies all of the images on the page, saves them to the camera roll, and also copies them to the clipboard. Open an app like Book Creator, or Pages to drop all of the images onto it for fast content creation! 
  • Google Copy
    • When viewing a Google Doc online, you are limited in the options you can share with. This workflow takes you from a preview, to a copy forcing QR code. Students just need to scan the QR code this workflow makes, and they will have a copy of the Google Doc, you have just previewed. 
  • Google Export PDF
    • This workflow takes you from a preview, to a PDF Copy download link as a QR code. This is a fancy term, but if you use notability, it changes the number of steps from 7, to just 1!!! Students just need to scan the QR code this workflow makes, and they can open the file in notability to work paperlessly in your classroom.