The power found in iPads is not in the ability to learn with a specific app. It is the ability to create original, personalized content! This post will outline some of my favorite workflow apps and help encourage you to make the shift to iPad creation! These apps are in no particular order, so please read through them all. 

The power in these apps is not using just one, it is found in using 2-3 in combination to create content!

The option to have this edit PDF's is a must have for education. Teachers can quickly distribute work, and encourage paperless computing. This app also comes in handy for notes, quick creations, and brainstorming sessions. The option to have the notes automatically back up to Google Drive is another reason why this should be an essential tool in your classroom. 

iMovie is a great video creator for the iPad. With the option of it coming free, it makes it even better! Easily import creations from your camera roll, trim and drop them in. Add in custom audio track if you like. Students of all ages do not have a problem using this tool to create content.

iBooks is your bookstore for eBooks. If you read the post on, you will see how easy it is to create these types of documents. Students can easily track notes, organize thoughts through their own marking techniques, and use the embedded dictionary to work through difficult texts. 

Puppet Pals
Puppet Pals does exactly what you think.You use characters to create a puppet show. This tool is a great way for students to retell content, explain meta cognition, or simply work on a creative app. The directors pass allows you to take pictures and import your own characters and backgrounds.

Show Me
Show me is a great app to use in a pinch. Students can use it to quickly jot thoughts, create drawings, or as a replacement for a writing pad. Connecting it with Google Drive lets you push out templates to your students for even faster content creation or for work time.

Pic Collage
Pic Collage is a fast, very refined pictures stitching tool. You can overlay custom stickers and buttons to make it fun and engaging for the audience. Using this in combination with Skitch or a Popplet makes this tool much more powerful.

Skitch is your one and only annotating tool. Skitch has more tools than you will even need in an app. Create images, videos, or audio overlay on your content and export it in countless ways. 

Popplet is a mind mapping tool that students of all ages can use. Create your own thought webs to help students navigate through content. Colors, lines, and images can be imported to create a custom map for any content.

Tellagami is a cool tool that can have a lot of power. This tool lets to create a person who will act as the speaker. The students can record their voice or type in the text and the speaker will say it back as a recording. Import a custom background to help teach skills at stations, or as a fun sharing option.

Paper 53
This app has stolen my heart as my favorite. If you have iPads and are artistic in any way, shape, or form; this app is a must! One of the best options is that you can take whole screen screenshots to capure authentic images for content creation. Unlike show me, or notability, there is nothing but the drawing with this app.