YouTube is an incredibly powerful educational tool. Since its purchase by Google in 2006, YouTube's integration and use is so much better! This post will outline tips and tricks for the novice YouTube user.

No matter the grade or content you teach, if you are sharing videos, I recommend you have a YouTube channel. It streamlines your sharing and provides you with a storage space for your content.

First things first, SIGN IN! In order to do anything cool on YouTube, you need to be signed in! This sign in is your Google account. For districts who have a Google Apps for Education account, you may use that one. 

The Dashboard

YouTube will provide you with recommendations based on what you have already watched or your subscriptions. Browse your channel to see what you have uploaded on YouTube.

Here is where you see the Playlists you have created

Here is where your subscriptions are saved, the number on the right is the number of videos they have uploaded and you have not watched.

Manage your material in this section!

Upload your videos to YouTube to provide anytime, anywhere access!
  • Click on Upload

  • You have several options of where to upload the videos from. Import your videos from Google+, use your webcam to capture videos live on the spot, create a picture slideshow, host a Google hangout on Air, use the video editor to splice together videos you have already uploaded.