YouTube plans on releasing a new, kid friendly app on February 23rd called YouTube Kids. This move comes with the premise that youngsters have trouble navigating and finding appropriate content on YouTube.

YouTube kids will be a new experience for young children. This new app will have features such as volume monitors, content filters, and time restrictions. These common features make parent monitoring very simple and appropriate. Below is the user interface:

This app removes the need to create playlists for your child and continuously monitor the sidebar content or what pops up after the video is finished. Content, channels, and playlists are filtered before they enter this app allowing for ease of mind while your little one learns. Top YouTubers and early childhood learning content is already available and more is being front loaded daily. Be sure to check this app out once it is available. 

This app is scheduled to be released on February 23rd and will be available on Andriod only (for the time being).