YouTube Red is the newest edition of video watching to hit the streets. This version boasts the highest quality of ad blocking during your video watching time. YouTube Red is an excellent product for many reasons.This post will outline the features of this product along with alternatives for you to choose.

Key features of this product.
  1. Ad free video watching. During school, this can be a large issue. Choosing to purchase YouTube Red removes any question to what will pop up at the end of your video
  2. Save Videos. With YouTube Red, you have the ability to save videos for offline watching on your mobile device. This is similar to when you make a Google doc available offline.
  3. Background Play. YouTube Red allows you to still play the videos you are watching, or music you are listening to, when your screen is off or other apps are running. This makes workflow easier, and more entertaining. 

So, if you cannot pay for YouTube Red, what can you do? Here are three alternatives that will remove the extra materials from a YouTube video. 

SafeShare - This website allow you to remove all of the ads, and next videos after your video is done playing. If your district blocks YouTube, this is a safe option for you to utilize. You simply paste the YouTube video into the SafeShare page and generate a safe link!

TubeChop - This website allows you to cut off the beginning or the end of videos. If there is a gem hidden in the video, you can now isolate it for your students. This website also removes the ads and other content that can be distracting around the video.

Watchkin -  This website allows you to take any YouTube video and remove the extra content. It will remove the recommended videos after the video and the ads at the bottom of the videos. There is also a button which allows you to Watchkinize any video by clicking and dragging a button onto a YouTube video.