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Zoom In is a history teacher's dream. This website covers historical topics that hold a pivotal position in the history of this country. They begin with the Revolutionary war, and end with contemporary America (1945). Not only does this lesson provide grade A lesson for teachers and students, but they integrate reading into history. These "deep dives" into historical sources are backed up by text based higher order thinking skills, persuasive writing essays, and the requirement to read the articles closely, and critically. 

This website has some great features that set it apart from many other historical sites for teachers. Some of them are outlined below but to truly get an understanding of this website, you must visit it for yourself! 

  • Lessons were created by historians, and teachers. This allows the content to not only meet educational standards, but provides them in ways that scaffold historical understanding.
  • Reading shifts from just reading, to historical reading. Students develop a habit of mind to ask when documents were written, think about the setting of the article, read past the words, gather evidence to support theories, and identify big ideas.
  • Zoom In also provides you templates for argumentative and explanitory essays. 
  • All lessons are provided in a blended learning platform. Students float between independent work, to guided discussions, to whole class learning. 
  • The assessments provided are not only top quality, but standard based! Monitor students progress and view their notes. Provide quality feedback with the interactive rubrics provided on Zoom In.