Everyone today is busy. We have long days at work, families at home, and always the next best thing on our mind. The pressures of the world are great, and it makes the work we do hard. Some people are great organizers and innovative thinkers. They have a thirst for knowledge and a desire for change. The majority do not. One phenomenal tool that leadership often ignores is very simple. It is one that seems to be natural, but is often missed. 

This graphic very clearly defines the goal that leadership needs to have. We are all in different places, but we are all moving. Nobody has the option to stand still, and we are all traveling in the same direction. Align each and every message to the same cause. This can be something simple like rallying around instructional excellence, or innovation. 

The issue that most organizations have is the personal agendas. An importance is placed on the knowledge that some people have and others lack. An emphasis is then put on these elements as it is felt to be a greater priority. It takes a great leader to help hush the personal agendas and align everyone to the same cause. Make this happen, and your staff will be able to do anything. They will be able to see the connections, bridge the gaps in learning, and dive deeper into the learning than ever before. These benefits will then be transferred into your students, making a community of success

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