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ABCya is a fantastic learning tool for elementary students of all ages. Younger students have access to great basic skill development and practice while older students have access to fun, challenging tasks through game based learning. This post will highlight the animation for kids page found on ABCya. It is a widely underused tool, and more than likely a tool you have overlooked.

Creating animated videos is easier than ever before. Students today have access to thousands of free, easy to use tools. This tool is not only one of the easiest to use, but it is on a friendly, widely trusted website for kids. This removes any safety issues for students! This tool offers many great features and I will highlight them below:
  • Create a 100 frame project! Almost no other animation creator offers the ability for you to create a 100 frame animated image
  • Over 100 colorful, kid friendly images to choose from
  • Draw, Paint, Shape, Text, and Size options are easy to embed
  • 36 different color options are available
  • It has a Copy Frame button. This is a must have feature that makes video creation quick, and easy
  • There are three different speeds you can set for the frame rate
  • You can loop and preview your animation, giving you a real time look at how your animation will play
  • The exporting is just a couple of clicks and it easily saves as a .GIF. Upload your image to your LMS for parents to see!

Animation Project Ideas:
  • Hook students by embedding them in Google Docs, Forms, or Sheets
  • Electronic Step by Step Directions
  • Retelling a story
  • Creating or describing a scientific process
  • Innovate your vocabulary lists by including words and images
  • Engage your social media audiences