Students today have more technology at their fingertips than ever before. With this tech, comes the responsibility to be appropriate, and polite. When you consider how technology has changed our relationships, and how we communicate, it is no wonder why there are many concerns with security and student safety. In just one click, students can say something they would never say in person, or do something to someone that they could never imagine would happen. This is scary, but it is the world we live in. Sheltering students from this reality will not solve the problem, it will only postpone the reality that they will enter into when they get home, or when they leave school. 

I encourage you to teach it! Teach kids how to participate in online discussions, teach them how to share ideas is an appropriate way, teach them to learn through technology. This video has been one that I have used many times to teach students how to share and participate online. Watch it with your students and have a discussion about norms that they can hold each other accountable for. Place the responsibility to be a good digital citizen back on their shoulders.

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