This question is one that I have been asked by many, many people. They look at what I do, and what I post, and reflect on how this looks in a Kindergarten classroom. The truth is, not everything should be done digitally! That is coming from someone whose job it is to infuse technology into classrooms. Every teacher, and every classroom need to have a balance of digital, and analog learning.

Before I dive into things, you need to understand one thing. Just because I am advocating that not everything should be digital, does not mean that it is OK to not move in that direction. Technology is no longer a choice in education. It provides learning avenues, and teachable moments that have never existed before and we need to take advantage of these new times.

Where to Start:
Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Is the lesson you are delivering and the materials you are providing allowing for student choice and voice?
  2. Do students have opportunities to continue learning outside of the classroom?
  3. Besides asking someone, Can students get help on their work?
  4. Is the lesson able to be used on ANY device?
These questions reflect the best practices of future ready classrooms. It is truly taking advantage of technology and leveraging it for the good of all students. If you answered no to any of these questions, there is room for growth!

Tasks I Believe Need to Stay Partly Analog:
  • Explicit teaching content (sight words, letters and numbers)
  • Handwriting
  • Communication skills (Virtual team skills are also an essential learning, but face to face interactions need to be learned first)

So, to conclude this post, completing work on an analog platform is OK. You as the teacher need to weight what you do, and determine if there is room for growth. Are you truly providing content to students that prepares them for tomorrow?

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