In my daily work, I spend a lot of time floating between classrooms. This time is spent in hallways, or in resource rooms. During this time, I have the ability to hear what is going on in classrooms. Sometimes, I stop and really listen in to what kind of teaching I can here going on. 

This graphic shows what I hear most! It is an unfortunate reality that is occurring all across education. We have been hypnotized by society and technology companies, that the passive model we are using today is best for kids. We invest in products like SMART boards where you show an "interactive" lesson and think that because you call kids up to the board to answer, you are upping the game from what you used to do on a chalkboard. We have been taught that quiet, controlled rooms are the best environments for students to absorb material. We have learned that rows, and bells are the best ways to organize our buildings.

If you look critically at the school you work in today, aren't all of these accommodations here for us, the teachers. Don't these things make our lives easier, and for some students, their lives harder. Should we be the first priority when it comes to our students learning? Should we be the primary voice that I hear when I walk by your room? Can we make a change in what we see today? 

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