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This is a very well known word in the world of education. It is one of the 4C's that define 21st century learning, and certainly a cornerstone in many classrooms. This word is one of many that has changed over the years, and we need to meet suite. I will highlight the elements that makes communication what is has to be today!

  • Digital
    • This is a very open ended element, but an important one. If your district has an LMS (Schoology, Edmodo), you should use that are your primary means of communicating. The worst thing you can do, is reverting away from your learning tool when you do mediocrative work such as emailing parents. Showcasing to your parents the power in the LMS you are using, and leveraging it to make sure everyone is on the same page is the goal of an LMS. Do not deviate from the power in these tools. 
  • Synchronous
    • For me, this means that I can start an email, or a project on one device, and finish it on another. Google is the number one tool in my mind that makes this possible, and even easy. Setting up email on your phone or tablet also allows you to work through multiple platforms. Working this way allows you to get your work accomplished, no matter what happens.
  • Mobile
    • The work you do needs to be open to anytime, anywhere working. In my classroom, I opened up the ability for my parents to follow me on twitter, and communicate that way. Some took me up on that! Whenever I get a new device, the first thing I do is sign into Google, and Email. These offer me the ability to work from my phone, tablet, computer, or workstation. The key here is to work smarter, not harder.
  • Consistent
    • Throughout all of the communicating above, this needs to be your foundation. Create a newsletter and stick to the same format. On top of that, be consistent about when you send it out to your parents and how they receive it. Be sure to add your email signature to all of your devices and add in where the message is coming from. This will not only show your professionalism, but showcase your versatility to parents, administrators, and peers.