Consuming is by far and away the primary use of technology that I see in schools. Consuming material on and device is the worst use of these tools! I identify consuming as students playing a game that "teaches" content, or something that is flashy and interesting and is tied to learning. These apps do not work. They are just as bad as homework, which we all know is a waste of time. Consuming creates students who are bored, uniform, and disengaged. They honestly are losing instructional time due to the "use" of technology in their classroom. The driving factor behind the pullback of 1 to 1 initiatives, or other involved technology initiatives is often due to factors like this. Teachers cannot continue what they are doing, or simply modify their teaching when large amounts of technology comes into the hands of their students. They need to look at how they teach, what they teach with, and what the kids engage best in. The leveraging of technology is key to the success of our educational system. To start that process, I encourage you to start creating, and stop consuming.

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