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Every teacher has their special stash of resources that they use as their "ace in the hole". This set reflects the resources that I hold on to. Each of them offer resources to create custom worksheets or games. These resources are not designed to create "busy work", they have the ability to create anything you want. The more creative you are with these tools, the more innovation that will come out of it. I used these resources to build vocabulary, practice sight words, math fact work and work work. Check out all of the resources below and enjoy using them in your classroom.

Sight Words - This website allows you to create professional, top of the line materials. I have found other websites that do some of the things that Sight Words does, but not to the same quality. Sight Words allows you to make Candyland, Snakes and Ladders, Dominos, Old Maid, and many more! Like mentioned before, the quality that this website reflects is second to none. I highly recommend you use this tool in your classroom. 

Name Writing - This website is an extremely user friendly tool. I used this in my classroom to create handwriting worksheets. We practiced writing sight words, word families, and most importantly, our names! Type in the word, or words, you would like dotted out, then hit enter. Your custom worksheet will be generated and ready for you to print!

Flippity - Flippity is a widely used tool, but one of the most customizable tools available. Flippity does not allow you to print your flashcards, but created digital sets for you to archive. Some of the new features that Flippity offers include: Audio card reading with 10 different languages, 8 color options, and most importantly, Google integration!

Board Game Creator Board Game Creator has 51 different game boards are represented here! This website, combined with the cards you can create on Sight Words, makes a 1-2 punch! You can create some phenomenal games that your students have never seen before and instantly hook their interest.

DLTK's Custom Bingo Cards - This website is your one stop shop for bingo boards. You can create many different sizes of boards with both images, or text. There are also many themes for you to choose from making creation quick, and easy. Finish by adding a custom heading to match what you are working on. This website also allows you to create a new card by just clicking the refresh button. Create a class set of bingo cards in less than 5 minutes!