Doodle 3D is an app that allows you to take your drawings and make them into a 3D printable object. You simply need to capture the drawing you did, then use the tools embedded within Doodle 3D to make this object literally come to life. This app is a first of its kind and certainly something that will continue to be grounded in the students' thinking process!

Imagine as a student, you were tasked to create your own story. You take the time to construct your plot and build your characters carefully. Once you are done your teacher then takes a picture of one of your illustrations and makes an action figure for you based on your own personal narrative! Doodle 3D lets you do that with ease!

The possibilities for this app are only limited by the amount of 3D printing filament you can purchase. Integrating this into any subject is almost an expectation now that Doodle 3D is here!
  • Make your own manipulatives for math
  • Create Scientific models
  • Recreate historical objects or sites
  • Make tangible, permanent items based on students' ideas
  • Take PBL units to the next level
  • Build on the imagination of your students to create anything!

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