There is no doubt that the world we live in today is changing and evolving and that this change is only just beginning. The predicted slope of this change line is said to be like a hockey stick. It will start relatively slow, but then have a sharp and long lasting upswing. I believe that we are already in the slow start, and that the sharp upswing will happen within my generation. We need to take strides to prepare for this shift, and to ensure that our future can be managed. 

One of the largest shifts that we are seeing today is the need for people to be able to communicate through multiple platforms. Our world has opened up portals that make communicating across thousands of miles as easy as one click. We can use translation tools, or other language assisting tools to help ease this process, but nothing can take the place of learning these languages ourselves. Gaining a deep understanding of these elements will only aid in the ability to succeed in the future.

Besides learning the verbal languages of the world, we need youth who know the languages that technology uses. We need people who can write, understands, and upgrade code. I was once a skeptic for this learning. I thought to myself that there is a very small percentage of people who actually need to know how to do these things which was true, but it is not anymore. Knowing how to analyze, create, and breakdown coded information has permeated itself into almost every job field. Banks use this information to see how online traffic is boosting their performance. Clothing companies track who previews what products to determine what they need to have more supply of. Automotive companies use information to make decisions about how, and what consumers want to see in the next year's model. Besides some nuances, the traditional coding jobs are exploding. Web design, social media boosters, and engineering jobs cannot be filled quick enough. 

These two elements are key to creating a successful future for our children. We need to establish a norm that these things are here, and they will only continue to rise as time goes on. The world is changing, there is no slowing it down, and there is no stopping it. The only thing we can do it start changing with it. 

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