Future Ready materials are not easy to come by. They are ideas that people have about how they think the future of education will look. They are strictly opinion based, and sometimes biased on what they user likes to work with. I am not innocent of infusing my opinions into the work that I do, and I am certainly not able to read the future. I am sharing some of the materials that I use in classrooms and have profound changes, and shifts in students educational experience. 

A link is on my blog at all times that will take you to a Google Drive folder with these materials in it. I am constantly tweaking, updating, and replacing what is in there to ensure the material is cutting edge. Please take some time to look through these materials, and use them if you choose.

What is the goal of sharing this? I want all students to have rich, diverse educational experiences that prepare them for the world that they live in. If sharing these resources here allows even one student to experience this, then I have done my job. Please take time to borrow and personalize these for your students!

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