Fyuse is a fantastic 3D image creator. It is one of the simplest tools that I have used, and creates great images. Fyuse is an app that you can download and install on both android, and iOS devices. This versatility makes it a one stop shop for all 3D archiving for teachers and students. 


To use this app, all you need to do is walk around the thing that you want to make 3D. The recording will stitch together the image, and make an interactive 3D image. When you are ready to share it, there is a host of social media options, along with simple sharing like email. The ease of use makes this tool something that every teacher should have on their device.

Possible Educational Uses:
  • Archive students projects for all to view in a new, interactive style
  • Create hands on learning opportunities for students
  • Create new, engaging displays (sight words in 3D)
  • Make science come to life

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