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I have been exploring many options that have green screen capabilities and I will tell you, there are some real stinkers. One of the best options is the combination of Google Drawings, and iMovie. These are both free tools, and if you are an apple school district, you have both of them on one device. In this post, I will walk you through how to use these tools, and how they can create a green screen movie.

Google Drawing
  • Create your Google Drawing however you like. If you want, you can place an image you would like to copy in the background, and simply replicate what you see in the foreground. This is an easy, and fast way to create what you want.
  • Be sure to place a bright green square in the background to ensure the best quality green screen you can have. If your text is any shade of green, find a color that will contrast it.
  • When you are finished, click on File > Download as > PNG

  • Drag the PNG image on top of your already existing movie. It will create a picture in picture view.
  • Change the cropping to "fit"
  • Change the overlay settings to "green/blue screen"
It is literally that easy!