Being a former Kindergarten teacher, I am always on the search for ways to make the infusion of Google easier for younger students. Being a technology teacher, I am looking for any way to boost collaboration within teacher groups and leaders. This post will show you how to create a Dropbox in your Google Drive, that anyone can upload files to WITHOUT SIGNING IN! It is truly the best thing that I will blog about in 2016 thus far so please, SHARE THIS POST!! 

First, let me tell you what this is and what it will do. This file is a Google App Script that will create a page that looks just like a Google Form. This "form" allows you to choose a file, and upload it (which is not an option in Google Forms. The coding behind the script will do all the work for you. It will automatically create the Dropbox folder in your Google Drive. It will create the form for you. It will even title the uploaded files with the name of the person who submitted it. This may sound like foreign language to you, so please, take 5 minutes and set this up for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

6 Steps to Success
  • Make a copy of this (file > make a copy)
  • Click Run, choose "doGet"
  • Click Publish, choose "Deploy as web app..."
    • Change the "Who has access to the app:" to "Anyone, even anonymous"
  • Copy the link after you click on "update"
  • Paste the copied link into a QR code generator (QR Code Monkey)
  • Print out this QR code and let your students submit work!
Possible Uses:
  • Uploading videos or picture we create by App Smashing
  • Click on Choose File, then choose "Take a Photo or Video" to upload files as you go!
  • Take screenshots of paperless worksheets and turn them in
  • Collect evidence that you could have not collected any other way
Be Aware
  • This tool is best used for specialists, leaders, and K-2 teachers. Older students can passcode lock Google Drive or used Schoology to upload this work!

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