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Google forms can be a  game changer in any classroom. In my room, it made a fundamental shift when I used it to flip my Kindergarten instruction. There are many options to choose from in Google Forms, and this post will help to highlight my most useful options. I honestly hope that you have heard of some of them as they are truly game changers for form users.

  • Copy Theme from Another Form
    • This feature is one of the most important. If you were not aware, when you click on edit theme, this is the first option. This means that you can create a theme that you really love, and use it for all of your forms. No longer do you have to suffer through the pre-made templates and have 5 different themes floating through your Google Drive.

  • Autocrat
    • This add on for Google Sheets is my favorite. It lets you take the information you collect in the google form, and embed it into a pre-made Google Doc. This Google Doc can then be emailed out to whomever responds to it. We used in in our school district to sign off on our 1 to 1 initiative. If you want to experience it, click here.

  • Copy Down
    • This is also an add on for your Google sheet. If you have any formulas in your sheet, and want them to continue to work as more form entries come in, you have to use this add on. It will take all of the formulas in a row, and copy them down when a new submission is collected! This in conjunction with Autocrat, is AMAZING!

  • Section Headers
    • While you are crafting your form, you have a few options to break up the work. Apart from making new pages, you can use section headings to break up your work. I use this to embed plain text into any form, and to put live links into it for users to click on.

  • Go to Page
    • Not a ground breaking tip, but certainly a useful one. No matter what you are using forms for, you can find a place for this tool. Your forms can become so much more robust as you begin to use this tool. Challenge yourself to try it on your next form!