iPEVO is a company that makes cameras. They began creating a few models, and today, boast 4 different document cameras, and interactive whiteboard tools. This company has always had my eye, and interest when specifically talking about education. In my previous position, we knew that we had a need to have document cameras. They are fantastic display tools that can help to build capacity in any student. The issue is that they are expensive! Brand names like Elmo or SMART can be upwards of $2,500! This is far outside of many schools price ranges. 

Upon visiting Tufts university in Boston, MA for their LEGO symposium, we came across iPEVO. They were displaying their cameras and comparing them to the brand names available. Some interesting things showed up regarding their product:

As this camera is driver free, it can be plugged into any computer, and run! There is no clunky cables or software to install, it is just a USB cord! The joints in the stand make the mobility of the camera very flexible also. There is literally no space that you cannot reach. Finally, the cost. This camera costs just $69! This makes products like this available for any classroom. 

More recently, iPEVO have come out with attachments for the lens of this camera. They have a microscope attachment, a flashlight, an app controller, a scan station, and a magnifying lens. 

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