The name of this post gives away the entire teaching points that could be talked about. Leaders MUST start as great teachers. We are in a world of change. This change is something that requires us all to take a hard look at what we are doing, how we are doing it, and who is doing it. Taking a look at your leaders is a natural first step for many districts.

It goes without being said that we all want our teachers to be great! We want them to give each and every student a world class education that will forever change their understanding. These great teachers come by once in a blue moon. They are often the teachers you highlight, and use and examples time and time again. They are the teachers, that need to make their way into leadership positions. 

I have always had the thought that if you were to google the names of your leaders, you should expect "great teacher" to come up as the first result. As you think about who your leaders are, does the thought great teacher come to mind? If it does, where does it fall. Is it on the first page, the second, or the last. 

No matter if you are a leader, or a teacher, you need to consider these things. If you are a leader, and are not thought of as a great teacher, your staff will not believe in the direction that you are taking them. They will not buy into your methods of instruction. If you are a teacher, you may act upon these thoughts tossing out the ideas of your leaders and brushing their suggestions aside. 

Finding great teachers to step into leadership positions is what changes districts. These are the people who make impacts that can be felt long after they have left. They are the agents of change that reshape the game of education for the kids of the future. 

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