Education today is built on control and order. The students that we are teaching are given an experience that was established, and successful, during the industrial revolution. We are no longer in those times, therefore, education needs match suit. Our world is on an exponential path toward innovation and there is no stopping this route. 

Traditional teaching is a reflection of this model. The teacher stands in front of the students in rows, and spews information on them. This method is not singular to the learning that happens in the classroom. Professional development is guilty of this also. We make colorful powerpoint's, and showy images in the thought that the more refined the work, the more the participants will learn. Do you really believe this to be the best way that we learn? Do you leave PD sessions and make long lasting change? It is time for us to move!
  • MOVE your curriculum from what you have today to a student driven, online learning module 
  • MOVE yourself from the front of the room, to the back. See what your kids are doing, share in their learning, and empower them to share!
  • MOVE your thinking to allow room for growth
  • MOVE your students to do meaningful work that impacts not only their peer, but the world
  • MOVE out of their way, and let them be great!
Moving yourself will undoubtedly move your students. Change starts internally, and it can start anywhere, anytime. Make the work that you do matter by moving away from traditional education! 

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