This post sure has a weird title. Who in their right mind would have a goal of being unemployed? Who would ever wish for that, let along strive for it? That person is me! My goal is to work myself out of a job. Let me explain...

The work that I do on a daily basis is not something special. I do not do things that other people are not capable of. I do not pull magic rabbits out of a hat or have a special affinity for technology. I am just a teacher. As we all know, technology has changed the world we live in forever, and it will only continue to impact our lives in greater and greater ways. This impact forces us to learn how to do things differently. These differences are the skills that I focus on trying to transfer onto teachers. 

What will make me unemployed?
  • Teachers willingness to change!
  • Teachers treating the time with me as a PD opportunity every time I work with them!
    • Taking notes
    • Making critical observations
    • Asking questions
    • STOP treating this time as a prep
    • Showcasing prior knowledge in daily teaching habits
  • Making large scale changes to the way education looks today
    • Less whole group teaching, more differentiation
    • Leveraging technology vs using technology
    • Competency based teaching
  • A mass backtracking and pull out of technology (this is happening in some places)
    • Dropping of 1 to 1 technology
    • Making screen time arguments

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