With the start of the 2016 school year, there comes and endless flow of new faces. Whether they are students, coworkers, or administrators, you will see people that you have never interacted with before. With every new face you are provided an opportunity. You have the opportunity to make a life changing impact with just one simple thing, positivity! 

You always have the opportunity to be a positive impact on anyone! I am a firm believer that optimism is a choice, and it is one that I hold close to my heart. Taking a small amount of energy to make sure that every interaction you have with those around you will do many things. People will want to spend time around you as they feel good when you are near. These good feelings will start to be paid forward creating an invasion of warm fuzzies. Above all, you will feel good about you and who you are.

Take 5 minutes today to connect with those who are new, or rekindle a relationship that you feel is lacking or damaged. Choose to be the difference maker today because you never know if your interaction is the difference maker or not.

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