The goal of going paperless is a lofty one. It is one that often is misunderstood as well. Going paperless does not mean that you do not use any paper, it means that you use less paper. Even as a technology integration specialist, I feel there is still a time and a place for paper pencil work. As I work more and more with leadership systems within schools, I feel there is a great opportunity to streamline the paper trail. Below you will find just five recommended areas of impact. There are certainly more, but these make the most sense to me.

Why we cannot go completely paperless!

Here are the opportunities that I have seen:
  • Behavioral Reports - As you fill this out, please put in your email. In schools, we would put the email of the parent. MAKE A COPY
  • Collaborative Documents - Working in teams is an easy, and efficient area to re-frame into a paperless activity. MAKE A COPY
  • Padlet is a fantastic collaborative tool, but Google Drawings can do the same thing. MAKE A COPY
  • Budgeting is also an easy solution. Many of these budgets have formulas that will auto calculate the totals for you, making life very easy! FIND A BUDGET
  • Newsletters make communication with your staff and families very easy. There are many templates for this, but this one is my favorite. MAKE A COPY

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