Schools today are in need of making some radical shifts. It is not specifically pointing at leadership, but the systems as a whole needs to be updated. There are many key skills and elements that one must consider and many have strong opinions of what to highlight and what to discount. The list below holds the pillars that I value most. These are elements that I make an effort to accentuate, and transfer onto other leaders. 

  • The work that you do needs to live in a cloud platform. There are plenty of options for this including Google Drive and Dropbox. This cloud platform allows you to quickly, and easily share the work that you are doing. I encourage showcasing and publishing the work that you do. I have several Google Drive folders that are open to the public that include templates, ideas, and best practices. 
  • Maintaining quality work need to be a cornerstone of everything that happens in schools. The method that I prefer, is simple surveys. For these, I use Google Forms. After every session that I lead with students or teachers, I offer that ability to leave feedback. Good, or bad, I ask for it. Simply by asking, I am providing reassurance that care about how well I did and what they learned. The feedback survey I use is linked here.
  • A huge aspect of creating, and maintaining a well rounded workplace, is to establish multiple perspectives. Regardless of whether you are working on a procedure, or working to kick off a new initiative, you need to hear from multiple voices. Do this by ensuring the correct groups can meet, and have the opportunity to provide input. Keep them in the loop as the process continues to develop.
  • This pillar is much more loaded than just collaboration. In todays world, we have countless options to collaborate, most of which include digital work. Digital publishing, online meeting spaces, multiple communication lanes, and real time publishing are all elements that you must consider, and model in your practice. 

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