With the huge explosion of technology in our world, we have a need to find tools that can be used in on multiple interfaces. Web-based applications that allow the user to complete their work regardless of the access point are not only becoming a necessity but becoming the norm. PingPong is just that! This tool gives me a very close reminder of using a tool like Plickers except that students have a device instead of a notecard. 

PingPong is an excellent formative assessment tool for any classroom. The quick connect option allows any grade level to be able to link into your course code while the question options give you the freedom to actually pull data from the students' responses. The most unique aspect of this tool is the option to collect images and drawings. There are very few tools that allow you to do this, and there are ZERO free tools that allow it! PingPong is the first! Highlights from this tool include:
  • Multi-Tool Access 
    • This app is available in the app store, the play store, and as a web app for FREE. 
  • Image/Drawing collection 
    • The only other tool that I have seen that works this cleanly is Pear Deck which is a paid app. Using this option to collect writing responses from younger students is a must!
  • Visually Minimal 
    • Unlike many other student-directed apps, PingPong does not give you the flash and awe. Some teachers may find this as a downfall, but I find it an advantage. There is less to look at and be distracted by which means that you are seeing more of the learning. 
  • Fast Paced
    • Not only can you quickly get students on board, but you can quickly navigate through questions. Since there is no pre-typing needed, you can give the options vocally and have students respond in seconds. Get a feel for your students' knowledge in seconds rather than waiting until the assessment to be graded.

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