PixTeller is a fantastic poster creating website. It boasts the newest social media meme templates that are literally just a click and type away from creation. It also has templates for you to create your own images for your social media accounts! The best presenters use this tool to create their highly engaging images! PixTeller is a great way for you to engage your audience in a new, innovative way.

I have used PixTeller for many things in the past. As a teacher, I have found the customization of this tool so great, that I was able to find uses for it in my Kindergarten classroom. As a presenter, the poster quality and content makes this a great first stop when you are looking for new visuals. Below is a list of some tasks that PixTeller can help with.
  • Creating character counts posters
  • Get to know you game for staff
  • Engaging, relevant content for students
  • Content landmarks (Book covers, Posters, Handouts)
  • Visuals for school papers, newsletters, or eBooks
  • Brand your school with things that you make!

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